Words of wisdom

Paint reality as brush to wall….Lavender, Silk thats Gods voice reaching all…….Wisdom..Courage Pronunciation of Faith…Today Tomorrow a way of stregnth


Written by Tina Ardito




Rations in life…little by little Blessed are we..Our father so proud offering eternity….Seeking youth feeling numb…….Love …What is love……Deprivation feeling alone…No ..Of happiness or prosperity is one condoned? Proud am I so I shall lift my heart..Tears fall from thine eyes…As distant relations begin to fade, how may one be so strong and brave? Through spirit I cry…Family is a gift there can be nothing better than this

Written by TArdito


Philosophy written by Tina Ardito

One day we will find a person to love us when this happens we will feel it.Happiness will then shine throughout us, Our eyes will glow and our minds will continue to grow.


Hide your feelings, Why? the pain is much deeper when it’s coming from inside


What have you left, Nothing for you to show Never the less,,, Close your eyes think of this as you rest



Have you anything better to do? Why must you insist on gossip to chew. It’s best to release the facts for only a lie you will have to take back



Another Day

As we age

Another day

Our youth has gone astray

A mystery bestowed

As mirrors show we’ve grown

A path of life is chose

My way, your way our way

Who’s to say

There is only one truth

We must pray

to meet

The gift of tomorrow

Another day

Written by T Ardito